Store entrance, showing stadium like details
Concept renderings showing footwear at center store
Product displays, change room areas and seating options
Secondary shoe displays, concept illustrations
Merchandising & Retail

Adidas Paris Flagship

Explore new and urban materials, finishes and dimensional icons for all FF&E in adidas Champs Elysee.

A new portfolio of three dimensional assets were presented for incorporation into the new Paris Flagship store, all following the brand’s ‘Raw’ design strategy.

’Unfinished’ materials were advised to help present a workshop like space. FF&E elements were used to connect a sporting aesthetic with the urban environment. Much of the exploration was concerned with making shoe presentation central to the store, moving away from a more typical wall-centric solution. The designs are to be incorporated and tested in the reboot of adidas’ biggest store in the world: the Paris Flagship.


Store Design, Merchandising Design

Tristan Shaw - Private Creations for PARC Office - 2015