Restaurant interior
Tile branding detail, awning branding, and kitchen counter
Staff outfit concepts, condiment and tray counter, branding applications
Branding, Design Strategy, Environments & Events

BRGR Brand & Restaurant Design

Create and design a brand and restaurant interior for a new burger chain.

BRGR was created through the combination of brand characteristics such as ‘hand crafted’, ‘backyard barbecue’, and ‘accessible artisan’. The restaurant interior and graphic identity were then designed as extensions of this brand foundation.

Extensive research was undertaken within the  burger restaurant industry to help discover unique branding opportunities. Upon completionthe branding guidelines were used to help influence details such as materials, color palettes, menus, signage, condiment stations, prep areas, the kitchen hood, countertops, staff uniforms, food delivery and presentation, ordering procedures and other restaurant rituals.


Design Strategy, Brand Design, Restaurant Design

Tristan Shaw - Senior Associate Designer - Studio Red - 2006