Insights to Action attendees, Bangalore India
Concept illustrations for India and Italy, workshop notes
Design Strategy

Coca Cola Global Insights to Action

Strengthen Coca Cola’s position within Indian malls and movie theaters.

By leading groups of local corporate experts in market observation and brainstorming sessions, a pipeline of ideas was generated for deployment in the region.

The two day workshop in Bangalore produced a pipeline of 12 concepts ranging from short term ideas (1 – 3 months) to long term ideas (12 – 18 months) and focused on areas such as cross promotions, dynamic messaging and food court and movie line activations. Responsibilities for deployment of the concepts were assigned to local representatives as a conclusion to the workshop. Insights to Action workshops were also conducted in Italy and the USA.


Design Strategy, Idea Generation & Visualization, Workshop Management, Market Immersion

Tristan Shaw - Senior Associate Designer & Creative Lead - Studio Red - 2006
Coca Cola