Final rendering showing full kit of parts for developed roadside vendors
Final working prototype
Mockup proportion study, fabrication, final rendering details and introductory cooler
Initial concepts system explorations
Initial concept sketches from market immersion charrette
Market research led design strategy
Design Strategy, Industrial Design

Coca Cola Roadside Cooler Africa

To revolutionize the way Coca Cola is sold in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Focus to be placed on product cooling and vendor mobility.

Following a Nigerian immersion and charrette focused on the local beverage market, a solution was found to not only upgrade Coca Cola’s street presence but also encourage entrepreneurship amongst its vendors. A roto-molded design was specified, creating a ‘cooler in a cooler’ effect which helped keep the beverages cool and also fell within the limitations of local manufacturers and Nigerian customs laws.

A team including brand strategy, industrial design and graphic design were coordinated towards a fully integrated solution. A series of foam core mock-ups were used to test the design throughout the refinement phase. The cooler was deployed throughout Nigeria as was as other parts of Africa.

The opportunity to provide a mid sized solution was identified through market immersion. An aesthetically consistent and scaleable design was sought to help encourage vendor ownership, inspire vendor growth and offer a strong and integrated brand presentation.

Collaborating with a team consisting of local corporate representatives as well as visiting Coca Cola members from Atlanta, the design team conducted a 6 day charrette in the Nigerian capital of Lagos. We collected information from kiosk operators, workers in bottling and distribution, as well as consumers in market places and shopping malls. This led to the generation of 5 key concepts that were presented at the Charrette’s conclusion.

The proposed system needed to be transported and set up by a single operator, provide shade, include space for returned empty glass bottles, insulate the iced product, present the brand consistently and sell more product.


Design Strategy, Industrial Design

Tristan Shaw - Senior Associate Designer & Creative Lead - Studio Red - 2005
Coca Cola