Full system rendering showing store-in-store layout
In aisle, endcap, and recycling bin renderings
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Coca Cola Wellness Campaign

Design facade and environmental features around existing Coca Cola equipment in the support of the Wellness Campaign in both Walmart and ‘At Work’ channels.

A modular system of panels and bases were conceived to be applied across a range of channels and a variety of footprints. Elements such as recycled materials, a natural color palette and organic surface treatments were harmoniously used to support the ‘Good for the Earth’ messaging of the Wellness Campaign.

Through the use of only three different panel shapes, a wide variety of orientations were achieved which also allowed for the size of different coolers and vending machines. Supporting elements included recycling bins, messaging partitions, rest counters, stools, a lounge and shelving for extra stock.


Design Strategy, Branding Design, Store Design

Tristan Shaw - Senior Associate Designer & Creative Lead - Studio Red - 2007
Coca Cola