Concept for communal XBox play
Gaming, internet, charging stations, and refreshments
Modular systems providing for inclusive and exclusive activities
Environments & Events

Microsoft Ultimate Locker Experience

Design spacial concepts for the locker rooms of professional athletes that incorporate Microsoft products as well as the branding of any given sports team.

Three different spacial concepts were delivered, each based upon its own modular system. One followed a recurring tile footprint, one mimicked molecular structures, whilst the third replicated a continuous lounge. Concepts delt with fixture layout and design as well as spacial usage, including partitions for privacy and open spaces for meetings.

The layouts included zones for Xbox play and Zune listening stations, as well as internet access, drink fountains and trash receptacles. Concepts were presented in black and white with primary and secondary elements identified to assist with future branded color schemes depending on the sports team involved and their specific color palette.


Modular System Design, Concept Visualization

Tristan Shaw - Industrial Design Consultant for Pure Partners - 2008