Stock cartons with reusable fittings, shelf impact, product context illustrations
Branding, shelf impact, shipping analysis
Water free concepts and heat sealed plastic concepts
Thin wall plastic concepts, functional and effective design language, and fixture details
Heat sealed plastic concept sketches
Branding, Design Strategy, Industrial Design

Seventh Generation Packaging

Redesign packaging for Seventh Generation’s kitchen and laundry cleaning products, with particular attention paid to communicating the brand’s environmentally friendly values and honest presentation as they move to mass market channels.

Three final concepts were presented: the first utilized heavily recycled blow molded plastic with a utilitarian form language and raw paper labeling. The second focused on the use of stock cardboard boxes combined with stock caps. The third concept made use of existing milk cartons with retainable fixtures.

Dozens of packaging directions were explored in an attempt to strike the right balance between brand messaging and authentic functionality. Concepts included the use of aluminum, heat semmed plastic, origami, water soluble materials and paper.

The communication of product efficacy and low environmental impact was identified as the two pillars of concept development.

The packaging system had to both appear and authentically be good for the environment. It had to present well in any retail environment, be complimentary to a domestic setting, consider shipping efficiency, and also make best and most effective use of the many different existing recycling programs present in North American communities.

Method was identified as the brand’s main competitor and so the design strategy also pushed for a solution that would provide a counterpoint to their more contemporary and minimalist brand positioning. This enforced the importance of the packaging redesign’s statement of efficacy and sustainability.


Design Strategy, Packaging Design

Tristan Shaw - Senior Associate Designer - Studio Red - 2007
Seventh Generation