Virgin Pulse Walkie Talkie, form, materials, branding, clip
Final manufactured product, final renderings, strap and clip details
Color, material and interface specifications, CAD with componentry, initial sketches
Industrial Design

Virgin Pulse Walkie Talkie

Design a walkie talkie as part of the Virgin Pulse Electronics line.

The entire design process was undertaken, from concept sketch to 3D and SLA modeling, to vendor instructions to ensure the accurate compliance with the design intent. A branding style guide for the entire line was completed to guarantee that further line items remain consistent with the brand.

A unique clip mechanism was designed and applied to other items in the product launch. The resolution of details such as button layouts, material specification, logo placement, color, all artwork, warning labels, assembly points, speaker pattern, battery door and part lines helped to maintain a fully integrated design and strengthen brand equity. A velcro arm strap was also designed. Featured in ID Magazine.


Concept, Refinement, Manufacturing

Tristan Shaw - Principal Designer - ECCO Design - 2003
Virgin Pulse