About Me


I am an Industrial Design Director and Cross-Disciplinary Creative Lead. With Bachelor Degrees in both Design and Business, I combine thoughtful and efficient design strategies with creative ideation to find innovative and brand relevant solutions across all three dimensional touchpoints.

Most recently, I completed a Yale course in the Science of Well-Being. I hope to use my understanding of broadly applied wellness techniques to improve the emotional well-being of teams and projects. This theory-based learning will compliment my natural inclination towards honesty and empathy. Whether it be for the continuity of the team or the consideration of all end users, I aim to incorporate wellness into both process and product.

I have an extensive interdisciplinary team leading background in 3D design, branded environments, product development, merchandising, creative workshops, design strategy and 3D visualization. In addition, I have experience in packaging, fashion, accessory, graphic, and furniture design.

Looking to combine collaborative inspiration with a strategic, professional and reliable approach, I seek continued growth in creativity and the understanding of brand evolution. I have worked for and traveled to clients in 5 continents and lived in Sydney, London, Toronto and New York.