Details & Info

Design a showroom space at the NFL Team Owner’s Annual Meeting to help promote NFL Style Lounge and NFL Rush Zone, as well as all other NFL merchandise.

Two concepts were explored: one presented a high end domestic space with merchandising present in a “bedroom”, “kitchen” and “lounge room” retail space. The other drew inspiration from a football field, including player’s tunnel, jumbotron and player mannequins. The former was selected and executed along with branded topiaries, check in and gift bag exchange counters, change rooms, gaming zones and audio booths.

Floorplans from the Arizona Biltmore Hotel were used to help build an accurate 3D environment to fill with all necessary branded elements. Key points in the space were placed separately to ensure visitors were exposed to each key element individually. This required traffic analysis which extended outside the Gold Room and into the “Patio” environment, including branded outdoor furniture and branded catering elements.