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Reinvent the Target Front of Store using three key activation zones: Anticipation, Warmth / Friendliness / Belonging, and Inspirational.

The Front of Store was converted into a distinct destination of its own through the arrangement of existing elements such as Guest Services, In-Store Pickup and Cart Pickup. In addition new elements were introduced, these included Pick Up / Try On, Wellness Kitchen / Cafe, Pickup Lockers, In-House Tailor, Style Ambassador, and Local Loves. Each were positioned to maximize customer interaction and convenience.

The design strategy followed an exploration of the following retail themes: decompression, seating, concierge, hub, interaction, landmarks, newsstand, orientation, seasonal activation, service, social, product stories, testing and welcoming. These themes were used to find visual references and begin the process of finding new activations for the Front of Store. Two separate concepts were presented simply with sketches and monotone renderings.