Full boutique rendering
Aluminum frame storage, display and seating systems
2D views of makeup wall, store front and gift wall
Furniture & Lighting, Merchandising & Retail

NARS Cosmetics Boutique

Design a retail space using a system of storage, merchandising and furniture units, all of which comply with the brand’s exaggerated minimalist aesthetic.

Framed store elements were designed to provide the brand with an ownable fixture system. Units included stock storage, new launch tables, cash wrap counter, director’s chairs and promotional shelving.

The concept was based upon the existing Bleecker Street Boutique footprint and provided the brand with a new system of three dimensional iconography to be paired with its present visuals and product color palette.


Store Design, Fixture System Design, 3D Renderings

Tristan Shaw - Private Creations for NARS Cosmetics - 2012
NARS Cosmetics