Themed event perimeter, low cost lighting, and 'esky' ticket booth
Entry archway and event layout
Inspiration imagery
Environments & Events

Stage X Five to Midnight Concert

Design, fabricate, install and dismantle the bar area for an outdoor concert space.

The event theme of ‘chilled’ was used to inspire the design of the bar environment. Over 1,000 people enjoyed the White Disk Chandeliers, Blue Tube Lights, Frozen Bar, Frozen Entrance and Esky Ticket Booth by the side of the Brisbane River.

Responsibilities included budget management incorporating all design, full construction and full disassembly. All items were fabricated from post consumer materials and much of the lighting was sold through exposure at the event.


Branded Environments, Design for Fabrication

Tristan Shaw - Creative Lead - 2001
Queensland Performing Arts Centre