Viking Barbeque final rendering showing retractable hood
Viking Barbeque controls, tools and accessories, and size and type options
Viking Barbeque hood clearance analysis and exploded view
Kitchen like concepts and mobile/indoor/outdoor systems
Concepts exploring seemless hoods and in-the-round cooking
Communal grilling, full scale mock-ups and fixed applications
Analysis of competition and market white space
Industrial Design

Viking Barbeque

Design a new outdoor grill and outdoor kitchen for the Viking brand which is both iconic and difficult to replicate.

The chosen concept focused on communal grilling and featured a revolving hood which was concealed when opened in the unit’s body to allow for unobstructed cooking. A large counter top surface was used to both differentiate the design through color and provide Viking with the opportunity to harness their strength in the porcelain-enamel coating process.

The foundation for a custom color product was created through the incorporation of the ‘tablecloth’ surface. Viking’s specific strengths in manufacturing were utilized to help prevent duplication by inexpensive competitors. Research in the areas of contemporary 3D, craft, experience, materials, sculpture and steel fabrication was carried out.

The design was led by the need to both provide a truly communal experience for the cook and their guests and to ensure offshore low cost manufacturers would struggle to compete against this Viking product directly. The lifestyle consumer was also targeted.

A wide variety of concepts were explored including modular systems, in the round cooking, hidden grill tops, and flexible elements that could be used outside and mobile, outside and fixed, and inside and fixed. Full scale mock-ups were created to help evaluate each concept. The design team worked closely with the Viking team to ensure that the direction was aligned with the brand’s key priorities and used internally supplied CAD drawings to test the feasibility of the retractable hood.

Several supporting products were designed to be launched in parallel with the grill. These included barbecue utensils, elevated rotisserie forks, stainless steel grates and lighting posts.


Product Development, Design for Manufacture, Brand Strategy

Tristan Shaw - Senior Associate Designer - Studio Red - 2008